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Sam Cherry

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Make the distinction

We spend about five hours of our free time every day on mobile phones, tablets and social media. That actually makes everyone the publisher of their own content. However, the result is an overload of content ... Where on earth should you find valuable information that appeals to you? It is precisely there that there are opportunities for organizations to distinguish themselves online with quality, relevance and selection.

The challenge lies in communicating purposefully and continuing to inspire. Such as the Flemish AS Adventure, which creates customer profiles based on what people buy online and in the store with their customer card. New mountain shoes? Then a day later an email will follow with how you can best maintain it. Products that are required for this can be found in the webshop. Telling stories has a function Speaker Paulus Veltman is an expert in online storytelling. "Storytelling has been an important social activity for many years," he says. However, the arrival of radio and television killed this system; stories from a box are not interactive. The producer determines the message and the receiver takes it passively.

The Internet brought that interaction back and helped storytelling to its current hype. Why? Stories inspire, convey emotion, give meaning, context and direction to life. In short: they add value. Moreover, they can generate a huge impact, such as the video below, which has already been viewed more than 33 million times.

"What I remember most is the psychological aspects of how people think and how you can move them to buy a product from you" Mirjam van Breukelen, Voigt Travel

Provide a good story.

Search for your target audience and the platforms where they are located. Create catchy and shareable content. The more original, the better. Provide a central point with more information free on itunes. Make sure others will share your story. Moreover, such a video clip does not have to be of professional origin. On the contrary, says Paul. "If it looks too slick, people will find it rather unbelievable." And opt for a completely different approach, such as this city marketing for New York:

The power of enthusiasm

Jasper de Weerd, Account Director at Head Office NL, compares social media with a stone that causes infinite wrinkles when you throw it in the water. “Social media is an audience, with an audience, with an audience, and so on. Everything is created online based on an event. If people are enthusiastic about something, they want to share it. Whether it's about a pen, about a concert or a vacation. Make use of it, make sure that you make people enthusiastic! Then there is a greater chance that a 'super promoter' will stand up, someone who has an influence on his or her environment and therefore spreads the message more widely.

Social media in practice

In the pub it doesn't work if you only talk about yourself, so don't start sending on social media. Talking along is so much more important. That starts with listening, or monitoring. What are people talking about? Is that something I can respond to? Do I have something to add, can I perhaps give a tip? Only then can you think of sending and activating the consumer.
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